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Stallion poster session 1

Poster 1

Sperm motility and mitochondrial activity can be maintained for 24 h at room temperature in INRA96® extender.

I Barrier Battut, C Rousseau


Poster 3

Significant correlation between the proAKAP4 concentration and the total and progressive motility in stallion sperm after thawing.

D Blommaert, N Sergeant, M Delehedde, T Franck, JP Lejeune, D Serteyn


Poster 5

The use of endoscopic biopsy to compare histological finds of stallions with and without seminal vesiculitis.

VFC Scheeren, MLM Gobato, PM Papa, TMS Cavalero,LEF Canuto, LT Rodrigues, RS Bandeira, MJ Watanabe, NS Rocha, MA Alvarenga,FO Papa

Eligible to be considered for the ISER Committee Poster award


Poster 7

Association of sodium caseinate and cholesterol improved fertility of chilled stallion semen.

JA Dell’Aqua Junior, GA Campos, VF Cruz Garcia, CP Freitas-Dell’Aqua, MA Alvarenga, FO Papa, IF Canisso


Poster 9

Filtration of commercial extenders prior to refreezing stallion sperm for ICSI.

GD Catandi, RA Gonzalez-Castro, JM Trentin, ML Corder, FA Sanches, JE Stokes, JK Graham, EM Carnevale


Poster 11

Detrimental effect of Curcumin (Curcuma longa) on stallion sperm.

M Rossi, R Gonzalez-Castro, ME Falomo


Poster 13

Seminal plasma: DNA integrity and membrane functionality in equine spermatozoa cooled at 5°C.

MF Rodrigues, JM Trentin, LAM Centeno, GA Pessoa, RC Mattos, LM Richer, AP Neves, MIB Rubin


Poster 15

Superoxide anion is reduced in gradient selected cryopreserved stallion semen despite high mitochondrial potential.

CP Freitas-Dell’Aqua, PN Guasti,  FO Papa,  IF Canisso, JA Dell’Aqua Junior


Poster 17

Effects of implants containing the GnRH agonist deslorelin on seminal characteristics and reproductive hormones in Shetland stallions.

C Gautier, K Schmidt, J Aurich, C Aurich

Eligible to be considered for the ISER Committee Poster award


Poster 19

The effect of different antibiotics on sperm quality and antimicrobial activity in cool-stored stallion semen.

C Hernández-Avilés, CC Love, S Ghosh, R Serafini, SR Teague, KA LaCaze, TL Blanchard, DD Varner


Poster 21

Effect of sperm concentration of the frozen ejaculate of donkeys on post-thaw semen quality.

V Gomez-Arrones, JJ Carrasco, G Gaitskell-Phillips, FJ Peña, C Ortega Ferrusola


Poster 23

Equine sperm selection by colloidal centrifugation, swim-up and a microfluidic device and ICSI outcome.

RA Gonzalez-Castro, JE Stokes, EM Carnevale

Poster 25

Investigation into predictors of stallion fertility and associations with oxidative damage.

RA Griffin, A Swegen, JR Aitken, Z Gibb

Eligible to be considered for the ISER Committee Poster award


Poster 27

Serum testosterone levels and seminal plasma proteins in castrated stallions.

PN Guasti, PM Papa, RA Schmith, LS Camargo, LRP Andrade Jr, LFMC Silva, CP Freitas-DellAqua, FF Souza, FO Papa


Poster 29

Effect of a photostimulating treatment, in winter, on steroids profile and sexual behavior of light stallions.

D Guillaume, L Grosboillot, D Chesneau, F De Geoffroy, S Prevost, M Keller, G Dervilly-Pinel


Poster 31

Comparison of two methods for stallion sperm vitrification.

C Consuegra, F Crespo, M Diaz-Jimenez, I Ortiz, B Pereira, M Bottrel, J Dorado, M Hidalgo


Poster 33

Toxicity of latex rubber in artificial vaginas on equine sperm.

WW Hohertz, JM Duarte, KA LaCaze, SR Teague, DD Varner, CC Love